Screening and Booking

For my safety, I require a little information about you before we are to meet. In your first correspondence to me, please send along two or more provider references from other escorts or dommes you've patronized previously. If you're new, or have been out of the game for a little while, I'll need your full name and a copy of any photo ID to ensure you're not a serial killer (I don't discriminate based on age, sex, race, ethnicity, weight, appearance, et cetera, et cetera... but I do discriminate against serial killers!)

Please fill out the form once you've taken ninety seconds to review the requisite information found under "Travel Schedule & Rates". If you have a detailed inquiry that requires a little more back-and-forth (such as for extended dates or appointments for which I must travel to you), feel free to send me an email directly.

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Please provide both her website and her email address
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