New client handbook


Never booked a professional companion?

Take a seat and let me help you! It's so hard to find all the information you'll need-- here are lots of nuances in meeting an escort. Want to know why I'm asking for your ID? Want to know what to expect? Want to know how to make sure we're a good fit before booking an in-person date? Read on!

Screening? What's that?

For my safety, I gather a little information about each and every person I meet ("screening"). I have a variety of social media accounts, galleries of photos, and a neat little biography for you to read-- I'd like to get to know you before we meet, too! Like you may browse a potential Tinder date's Instagram or Facebook to make sure she is who she says she is and to make sure you'll get along, I, too, try to ensure a good fit by doing my homework before we meet. Here are the ways I do that:

Contacting references (escorts or dommes you've seen previously, and hopefully recently) is one of the best ways I know to verify a client is going to be a good fit for me. I want to know if you're polite and hygienic; very little more is useful to me, so we rarely share more with each other than that. You get bonus points if you've met one of my close friends, as that makes it quicker for me to screen you AND I feel more secure checking in with one of my trusted friends.

Some clients subscribe to a website called Preferred411- a two-way verification tool that both escorts and clients can use to make sure the other party is safe and a good match. This is the fastest way to verify a client for me, as all I need to do is glance at the list of "okays" (references that simply note a certain provider has deemed a client pleasant and safe to see again) and know he's been vetted by plenty of other women.

If you're new, you aren't going to have any of this yet, and that's okay! Read on to find out what ways I can verify you. Unlike traditional dating, we may not be meeting in a public space when we first lock eyes. Like any women, professional companion or otherwise, I want to make sure I have my bases covered.

Once I have seen you, I'm happy to act as a reference once or twice for you or vouch for you on P411 so you don't have to go through this whole shebang again with someone else.

So, I'm new-- how do I get screened?

After you fill out my booking form with your intended date, time, and length of booking, you can follow up with an email containing a photocopy of your ID.

In the absence of references, I require proof of identification from any persons I plan to see. Many clients balk at the idea of turning over any identifying information to a stranger from the internet (that being me). The two biggest worries are that:

    - Their ID will end up in the hands of law enforcement
    - An escort will blackmail them

The best counter or rebuttal to these worries is that, well, law enforcement rarely requires any screening during their vice operations (why would they? They'd like to reign in as many people as possible). And as far as blackmail, there's a bunch of reasons why I wouldn't think to do that, inclusive of retaliation, federal laws prohibiting such a thing, my own moral code, and my strong reputation in the adult community. I love what I do for work (yes, this is my job) and most of my enjoyment comes from being a positive influence toward those I see.

So, I'll ask for a photo ID. A driver's license, a school ID, or a passport will work. Anything with your name and a picture of you. I don't discriminate based on age (beyond you being 18+!), sex, gender, race, ethnicity, country of origin, weight, et cetera. No arbitrary demographic information will sway me. You can also send along a LinkedIn profile or your page on your company's website, so long as I can prove that those links are, in fact, you.

Why do you want my ID? What will you do with it?
I've never faced workplace violence or anything much worse than an annoying client or two, but I do background checks to make sure you're not a serial killer or someone who has a history of violence against women. If you have a mark on your record for underage drinking from the '80s, we're probably fine. So long as you're a decent person, we won't have any issues and I'll get rid of your information once we're clear. As long as you avoid violence or truly heinous behavior during our date, I'll have no use for your identification and can delete sensitive information once our time together concludes.

Okay, so I'll get screened. but i'm nervous! what's next for us?

Well, that's mostly up to you! A lot of clients, new to seeking professional companionship or not, say the first time they see someone is still nerve-wracking! I hope that my online presence doesn't come off as intimidating-- I'm a loving, empathetic, and above all, silly, smiley person. I hope I can put you at ease. Your best bet may be to book a date of three hours or more so we can structure our time together just like a real first date. I'm happy to plan an itinerary and love trying new restaurants as much as sharing my favorite spots with new people!

Regardless, the best thing to do is read my whole website before filling out my booking form and sending a copy of your photo ID or LinkedIn. Most logistical inquiries, such as to do with my location, schedule, and rates, can be answered there.

If you'd like to connect a little before taking the plunge, a first place to snoop may be on my Snapchat. There, you'll find a few new pictures from my daily life uploaded nearly every day-- everything from my workouts or my cats to my more naughty side. To add me as a friend on there, you can send along a $50 Amazon gift card to my email address,

If you'd like to connect a little more before taking the plunge, I offer virtual connections via Skype. These can be as conversational or as risqué as you please; either way, they are a fantastic first step to booking a date with me. The rate structure for these connections can be found under the "Connect Virtually" tab on my site. No booking form or screening is required for these, and they, too, can be paid anonymously via Amazon gift card.

If you’d really like to know what you’re getting into, I also have a growing collection of films available on ManyVids. Wowza!

Cool! I've booked a date with you. How should I prepare?

There are a few little things to do to get ready for our date together.

First, make sure you've reviewed my rates and know how to get to my location on time (I will send an approximate location prior to our date, and the exact spot the morning of).

Second, dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable. How do you usually dress for a date? Whatever makes you feel happy and handsome is probably best. I prefer to wear a nice sundress or a blouse and dress pants unless we’re going to dinner or doing some activity that calls for something fancier. Do avoid colognes and other heavily-scented grooming products.

Third, make sure to show up exactly on time, or, late if you must. I may not be at the location I've given you prior to our meeting time and it's in poor taste to lurk around a young lady's apartment or hotel room too long (creepy!). Please advise me if you're going to be more than fifteen minutes late to our date.

Fourth, come in, say hi, and give me a big hug! I'm excited to meet you, too. I'll offer you a shower and other amenities-- please use them! I'm a much more enthusiastic partner to those who oblige this request.

Fifth, enjoy yourself! Good things are coming your way.